Transforming into the best version of yourself requires strategy and hard work. We’re here to help you.

Regenerative Performance helps high performing people perform at their peak by utilizing unique and innovative approaches designed to improve cognitive and athletic performance, attain desired body composition and aesthetics, and help the body regenerate to heal from injuries and eliminate pain.

How We Can Help You

Tissue Regeneration & Pain Elimination

Utilizing your own body’s natural healing ability, we help you regenerate your injuries and degenerating joints to help reduce and resolve your pain.

Cognitive Performance

Utilizing your hormones and neurotransmitters, we fine-tune your cognitive system to increase focus and attention, improve memory retention and creativity, and reduce brain fog.

Athletic Performance

Take advantage of your genetics, regenerative capacity, and biochemical pathways to help you get back to your peak, or take your performance to the next level.

Axis Optimization

Restore the intricate balance within the neuroendocrine system in order to improve energy levels, reduce brain fog, and improve your quality of life.

Medical Aesthetics

Whether you are 20 years old and are looking to prevent the signs of aging, or 50 years old and want to reduce and even reverse the signs of aging, we have natural solutions that are perfect for you and your skin.

Our Services

Vitamin and Mineral Infusions and Injections

What You Can Expect From Regenerative Performance

A comprehensive evaluation
An integrative medical team
Comprehensive and specialized laboratory testing
Personalized treatment plans
Access to cutting edge non-surgical procedures
Natural alternatives to conventional treatments

About Regenerative Performance

Regenerative Performance was founded in 2014, initially to help athletes overcome injury and regain their peak athletic performance.  Since then, Regenerative Performance has evolved into an integrative medical clinic and stem cell center focused on helping people feel better, look better, and achieve their dreams.

Dr. Drew Timmermans

Kaitlyn Myers