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Before any financial decisions, new patients are offered to schedule a free 15min consult call to talk with a Doctor, ask your questions, and see if we are a fit.

Our Promise

We put our patient’s care and experience at our clinic before everything else. We promise to provide our absolute best care and provide medical advice that is best for you and your unique situation.

It is our passion to helps patients from all walks of life feel better and live better. We are proud to provide scientifically-backed  healthcare that treats the whole patient and addresses the root of health problems.

We are confident our medical practice can help you.


Receive a complimentary consult call with a Doctor

We are here to support you & give you the best available tools to achieve an optimal healing state, and regenerate your health.

The truth is, the patients who have the best chances of finding a healing state are the ones who take ownership of their health and take action to build their discipline along the process to get there.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Your initial consultation with us includes an in-depth review of your medical history documents, imaging, and studies you are able to provide in addition to a thorough medical evaluation and comprehensive physical exam examination.

Specialized Lab Testing

As each patient is unique, our physicians have been trained to understand the detailed nuances of functional lab testing, in addition to specialized testing such as the DUTCH test, OAT test, pre- & post-provocation testing for heavy metals, dietary antigen testing, stool testing for dysbiosis, and more.

Multiple Integrative Perspectives

Gain the insight of diverse practitioners whose different specialties and clinical interests can bring unique perspectives to your particular case.

Personalized Treatment Plan

There are no cookie cutter treatments at Regenerative Performance.  When you work with one of our physicians, you will receive actionable insights and instructions that are directly geared towards your condition and case.

Cutting Edge Non-Surgical Treatments

We provide evidence-informed state-of-the-art treatments that can reduce pain, regenerate your health, and help you get back to feeling your best.

Integrative, Evidence-Informed Treatments

When you decide to work with Regenerative Performance, we don’t just treat your symptoms.  Rather, we take a step back to look at you as a whole person, which allows us to provide integrative and innovative treatments that help to resolve your health concerns at the source.

Naturopathic Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

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