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Patient Testimonials

Expert care, I wish all doctors and clinics work the way they do at Regenerative Performance. After months of researching, I was led to AZ and the best medical decision I’ve ever made.

- P.M.

Excellent physician with cutting edge treatments that work! I have suffered for 30 years with severe chronic pain. Once treated with  PRP and prolotherapy my pain is almost gone!

- S.S.

Dr. Timmermans is on the pulse of the industry and eager to share his wealth of information. His team, including Dr. Kaitlyn Myers, are always responsive and willing to help. Just 8 months post treatment and I am pain free with near perfect mobility!

- T.P.

I am very grateful to have found Dr. Timmermans at Regenerative Performance. His thorough communication and evaluation of my entire health picture has been tremendously helped me living with chronic pain challenges.

- T.H.

My health and performance are of the utmost personal importance. I only trust the most respected professionals within their fields with my body. When it comes to regenerative injection therapies, Dr. Timmermans is the only doctor I see. He has had a quantifiable positive effect on my sports injuries especially as it relates to regaining strength and ROM. His services are a tremendous asset to me.

- A.W.

The main benefit was a benefit which I wasn’t expecting nor was I aware of the extent with which I was lacking, my ability to breathe efficiently. My lungs and cardiovascular expenditure improved within a brief period of time. My arrhythmia which would be pronounced during night time, went away. 

The procedure was safe and I was made aware of all the potential complications without exception. Dr Timmermans’ attention to detail is one of a kind and I felt I in safe hands throughout. 

The procedure is not a quick fix for all health issues and ailments but the improvement in my health was definitely remarkable.

- A.S.

Dr. Timmermans is compassionate, VERY thorough, comprehensive (be patient with the long questionnaires he’ll have you fill out.. they’re for a reason) and passionate about what he does. He stays on top of the latest research and is even a regular speaker and educator on ultra-sound and injection therapies. I traveled from Los Angeles to see him and would recommend for anyone consider seeing him to travel from wherever necessary.

- V.

Dr. Timmermans is a great doctor. He is detailed orientated and takes the time to explain this well. Definite recommendation!
- N.M.

Best experience with any doctor ever. I’ve been suffering from a herniated disc for a year. Dr. Timmermans treated me with PRP. 3 monnths later and my pain went from an average of 6-7 to currently a 1. I feel I have regained my life and am now able to work and do things I wasn’t able to before seeing him.

- I.V.

I found Dr. Timmermans after some research, the previous year I had broken my femur, ankle and torn ligaments in my wrist. Previously I was a very active person who spent alot of time training circus arts. My body wasnt healing and after 6 months I was still walking with a cane and couldnt even do a plank with my wrist at 90 degrees. Within 1 month of my procedure I was able to hold a freestandind handstand and walk without a cane. 3 months after the procedure I was able to get back to basing fliers in standing acrobatics, something I was afraid I’d never be get to do again.

- M.V.

I live in CA and choose to fly to Arizona just to work with Dr. Timmermans. I found him via Instagram, and was impressed with his depth of knowledge there. Now that I’m his patient, I’m blown away by the amount of care that he takes in staying current on the latest research and relentlessly focusing on getting to the root cause of even my most ambiguous issues. I also really appreciate his focus on lifestyle shifts and longer-term, sustainable changes versus just telling me to take a bunch of pills. I’ve been working with him for about a year and couldn’t be happier. 

- K.F.

Dr. Timmermans has dramatically transformed my health and help me live more comfortably with, and reduced, my chronic pain. I have been blown away by the quality of care Dr. T provides his patients.

- C.E.H

I cannot thank Dr Timmermans enough for helping me find pain relief for my back and shoulders with a PRP treatment. Thank you doc, I appreciate the genuine help and I’m grateful I was able to find him. He also offers great knowledge and educational information on how to optomize your health.

- Y.T.

What an awesome experience I had through the entire procedure. Regenerative performance really knows what they are doing and how to take care of their patients.

- J.T.

I was having knee pain for three weeks. My medical Dr. had told me it was mild degeneration due to age, gave me tylenol and sent me on my way. Dr. Timmermans, at Regenerative Performance,examined my knee and leg, spoke in depth with me and concluded that my issue was a nerve. After injections I could immediately bend and move my knee without the pain. Excellent, friendly, professional, sincere staff, and the Doctors know exactly how to help you.

- M.V.R.

Dr. Drew is the authority on injection therapies. I wouldn’t consider anyone else. Top notch sports medicine! My first stop for injury recovery and optimal performance. I greatly appreciate [their] services. Life saver.
- A.W.