Dr. Jake Quesada

Dr. Jake Quesada, ND, is a licensed naturopathic doctor and completed his Naturopathic Medical Degree at Sonoran University of Health Sciences, formerly Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in 2021. Prior to this, he attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Biology. He is a first-year resident at Regenerative Performance under Dr. Drew Timmermans, ND. Dr. Quesada’s mindset to approaching pain management starts with a comprehensive, top-to-bottom approach, evaluating all aspects of the root cause of your pain.

Work WIth DR. Quesada

Born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California, Dr. Quesada was a multi-sport athlete with a passion for science and health and a strong desire to impact the health and wellbeing of others positively. During high school, his struggle with acne and the various prescribed medications and treatments led to his own research and learning on how nutrition and supplementation could heal the skin from within. He inspired members in his family and friends with his passion for improving quality of life, enhancing performance and function, and reducing fatigue with daily living. These steps led to a lifelong career and drive to understand human optimization and wellness. 


Back Story

During medical school, Dr. Quesada was introduced to regenerative medicine due to a chronic shoulder injury, which had begun to interfere with his desired exercise and activity levels. After navigating the conventional orthopedic model, he was ultimately informed that he would require surgery. However, deep in his core, this did not resonate with him. Dr. Quesada’s ambitious nature led him to pursue alternative options that allowed for the body to heal itself, a principle that was innately clear to him. He found Dr. Timmermans, who fully addressed his shoulder pain and elected to pursue a non-surgical approach with platelet rich plasma (PRP). 

Within three months of the comprehensive treatment for his shoulder, he was astonished by the results. Not only was his shoulder pain significantly reduced, but there was an unexpected improvement in his mental and emotional health as he could now live his physical life to the fullest. Sports and activities that were avoided became enjoyable and fulfilling once more.

Immediately, Dr. Quesada immersed himself in the studies that would allow him to create that same freedom of living pain-free for his future patients. It was at this time that Dr. Quesada decided to begin his journey in seeking mentorship and fully understanding chronic pain so that he could utilize the treatments that address the root cause of chronic pain. 
Today, Dr. Quesada is completing a 3-year residency focused in regenerative medicine and integrative pain management at Regenerative Performance. He helps a wide array of patients, including young athletes, corporate executives, and elderly patients, all trying to achieve similar goals of living fully without pain. The mentorship under Dr. Timmermans that started in 2017 has since progressed into a clinical practice where Dr. Quesada is fine-tuning the foundational knowledge and skillset required to be exceptional in helping patients live the life of their dreams, pain free. 

Work WIth DR. Quesada