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Treatment for Chronic Pain in Phoenix, AZ [and greater valley]

Chronic Pain is awful: it zaps happiness, it drains energy, it invades sleep, and it reduces the quality of life. In today’s insurance-based medical landscape, the treatment options for pain are limited and often times, ineffective. But there is hope.


Chronic Pain Treatment

Treating Chronic Pain should be unique for every individual. The treatment options should not be limited to what insurance approves or doesn’t approve, and they should definitely be catered to each patient after a thorough physical exam and comprehensive review of a patient’s history. The physical exam is absolutely crucial in finding the pain generator(s) of a patient and it helps to determine an effective course of treatment.

Dr. Timmermans treated my pain in

ways other doctors didn’t even mention.


 Many patients that come to Regenerative Performance have been battling chronic pain for years. In their minds they have tried everything. When a patient decides to make the investment to come to our clinic, they can be confident in receiving a comprehensive review of their pain, their health history, their lifestyle, and the treatments they have already tried.  Because we do not take insurance, we spend significant time with our patients listening to their stories, looking at their history, and conducting a complete evaluation.

Treatment Options for Chronic Pain can range from lifestyle factors to cutting-edge stem cell treatments.

A lot of the time, people in chronic pain are living with underlying health conditions like nutrient imbalances, hormonal imbalances, systemic infections, systemic inflammation, or heavy metal toxicity.

Our approach includes first looking at you as a whole person. Sleep quality, Diet & Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Health, Career/ Job status, Community, are all factors that can play a major role in contributing to the state of a patient’s health. Making sure this foundation is something the patient is mindful of and diligent about is something that is very important in order to start the journey of reducing, or eliminating, pain.

Hope for Chronic Pain

After a health history, a physical evaluation, and often times a thorough blood panel, multiple doctors at Regenerative Performance discuss a tailored treatment plan to help a patient find relief and start returning to a life uninhibited by pain.


Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

Fortunately we live in a time where medicine is rapidly advancing and research is bringing new treatment options faster than insurance companies are willing to cover them.

We are proud to provide medicine that combines naturopathic treatment with lifestyle adjustments and and cutting edge treatment options like hormone replacement therapy,  platelet rich plasma (PRP) and autologous stem cell therapies. 

– blood panel testing and analysis

– comprehensive history

– comprehensive intake forms

– complete health assessments

– thorough physical evaluations

– nutritional supplementation

– intravenous [IV] nutrition support

– medication intervention

– prolotherapy

– platelet rich plasma [PRP]

– autologous stem cell treatments

– nerve blocks

– stellate ganglion nerve block [PTSD treatment]



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Because Dr. Timmermans and Dr. Myers are so passionate about helping as many patients as they can, and because they realize that investing in your health is scary after you haven’t seen improvement, they each provide free 15min intro consultations to discuss what potential treatment at Regenerative Performance might look like for you.